Why I Serve: I enjoy making people smile

Judy Blair is a servant leader who has been serving on the usher team and setup & teardown team since King’s Church launched in September 2016. 

Why did you join the team at King’s?
I joined those teams because I love people and ushering them into their seats, and I’m more able to connect and be a joyful face for them when they come into the sanctuary and find their seat.

What do you enjoy most about serving?
I enjoy the people and making them smile. They’re coming in from all different circumstances. Some are coming in and they’re hurting. I just try to encourage them, love them, and hope they encounter a special occasion – their one day at church.

As a believer, why do you think serving in the church is important?
It’s very important to serve because you want to focus on others. You really want to reach out to them, want them to feel welcomed, to feel included. In doing that, you create an atmosphere that they feel welcomed and want to be a part of. We have a sign in our house, right above the door, “As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.” We truly believe that it’s important to serve because it’s greater to give.

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What have you personally gained from serving?
It’s rewarding because you get to encourage others and see them grow closer to God. It’s fun when you see the same people come back. They’re hungry; they want more. It’s rewarding to see them grow because it helps us grow.

How has serving affected your church experience on a weekly basis?
I serve people. I work in a restaurant where I serve people all day long, so what I learn at church I can take onto the job. It’s feeding people physically and spiritually. So, when someone comes in, “Have a blessed day,” you can speak that into them. You take what you learn and you apply it in your everyday life.

What’s been your favorite moment serving so far?
My favorite part is during an experience when we ran out of chairs! We set up all the chairs and people are just coming in and just to see the church filled with hungry people.

What would you say to someone who is considering serving on a team?
Join! C’mon! Jump on board. We’re high energy. We encourage and love one another and we help one another. It’s good fellowship, it’s good laughter, you get to know more people. When you join a team, not only are you joining the team, but if there are married couples, then you get to know the other spouse and you get to know other different groups. It’s a way to connect with people and you feel a part of what King’s Church is all about.

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