See how this Galatians scripture empowers Ana to be strong in her faith

During the month of October, we are reading through the book of Galatians together as a church family. Download the 31-day devotional booklet to join us. Each week, we’ll share a SOAP from a member of our team. This week, it’s from Ana Hopkins who serves on our King’s Kids team. 


Galatians 1:1-10


While I was reading this passage, I was initially struck by the words in verse 6 – “quickly deserting.”  Paul is discussing how there is no other gospel except for the true gospel of Christ; however, followers of Christ are leaving behind the truth.  To me, the words “quickly deserting” translate to: no hesitation, not looking back, moving on to greener pastures. Unfortunately, people in our world today make promises and speak words that are not in line with the gospel– their words are targeted to divert us from the truth.  Paul is crying out to us so early on in this book to not let our hearts and minds be swayed.  Even though Paul knows he is coming on strong and may turn people off by saying this, he is adamant to declare this message and is confident in his decision and this is shown by him saying in verse 10 – “if I were still trying to please people, I would not be a servant of Christ.” He is showing us that his calling is first and foremost to Jesus Christ.

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This passage made me first think about what things in my life are taking hold of my heart. What words am I unknowingly living by that are not in line with scripture?  It’s so easy in today’s society to find that certain object, person, mantra, etc. that makes us feel good.  Those things are temporary.  Only God’s promise through Christ gives us eternal life.

As I finished the passage, I shouted out in my heart “I want to be a servant of Christ too!”  Paul didn’t care if he offended us or wasn’t making us feel good.  He was telling us the truth.  I want that confidence in my faith and in my God.  I want to desire to please God over everything else I do.  The passage ultimately charged me with a mission to be strong in my faith, don’t fear the disproval of mankind, and trust the promises God has set forth for us all!


Dear Lord, I thank you for your promise of eternal life.  Keep our hearts and mind focused on you and your truth.  Let us not be swayed and confused by false promises, for these are not from you.  We ask you to help us have a heart like Paul.  Let us always desire to please you in everything we do and say.  Amen.

Let your calling be your confidence

WATCH: Pastor Noah's Minute Mantra for the week encourages us to let our calling be our confidence. The idea comes from the book of Galatians and our 31-day devotional we’re reading this month as a church family. You can download it here:

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