WE LOVE KIDS!!! At King’s Kids our goal is to partner with parents. We know we only have a few hours a year with the kids at church compared to what parents have every day at home. Our hope is to teach the kids the basics of their faith and resource the parents to have God centered conversations at home.
Our King’s Kids ministry is intentional in 3 things:
1) Safe
We know as parents the safety of your kids is a priority. That’s why we make sure we have security teams that make sure only the right people are in our kids spaces, as well as all our kids workers having a background check. When you arrive you’ll check in your children and receive a specified label that only you will have as another level of security to make sure your kiddo is safe.
2) Clean
Even though we meet in an older building that we set up and tear down weekly, we make sure to do our best to have all our spaces cleaned thoroughly each and every week. From our floors to our toys, tables, and chairs. Cleanliness is a must!
3) Fun
It’s a value we hold to for our main worship experience gatherings and one that’s even more important in King’s Kids. We want our kids to LOVE CHURCH!! King’s Kids isn’t just a ‘babysitting’ time while the adults go to church. Our kids will be learning about Jesus, the bible, and practical lessons they can begin to apply to their lives now. And all of it will be taught and done in a way that is full of energy and excitement!

We currently have kids classes for: